Remco Westermann

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Remco Westermann

CEO and Member of the Board

Education/background: Remco Westermann (1963) has been the chief executive officer of gamigo since November 2012 and the Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors since May 2018. Remco holds a master’s degree in business economics and has over 25 years of professional experience, over 15 years of which he has worked in the mobile and online entertainment industry. In the course of his career, he founded the listed company Bob Mobile AG (later Cliqdigital AG). He also helped build the mobile media company Sonera Zed and managed its German subsidiary for several years as chief executive officer. Previously, Remco was a manager at leading companies such as Balance Point and a consultant at Rost & Co. In the dynamic, highly competitive and fast growing games market, Remco has built up a leading and fast-growing online games company through a successful M&A strategy following the acquisition and repositioning of gamigo. In 2018, Remco acquired a majority stake in the Company and aligned its business model to “buy, integrate, build and improve” in the gaming and media sectors.

Current positions:  Managing Director of Jarimovas GmbH, Bodhivas GmbH, Bodhisattva GmbH, Sarasvati GmbH and Garusadana GmbH.

Prior positions (past five years): None.

Holdings in the Company: Remco Westermann personally holds 90% of the shares and 100% of the voting rights in Sarasvati GmbH, which in turn holds 100% of the shares and voting rights in Bodhivas GmbH, which in turn holds 26.9% (42,766,176) of the shares and voting rights in MGI, as of Jun 30, 2023, as well as kEUR 1,200 bonds with ISIN SE0018042277. In H1 2023 Bodhivas GmbH rolled-over kEUR 1,000 Senior Secured Bonds of MGI (ISIN: SE0015194527) maturing in 2024 into the new Senior Secured Bonds of MGI (ISIN: SE0019892241) maturing in 2027.